Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1. What type of printing technology can EPOCA deliver?

This depend on the product. In our production facility for spouted pouches and special shape pouches we can only use helio printing. All the other products can also be printed in flexo.

2. What material specifications can we offer?

We can provide a wide range of material structures. Everything depends on your needs. Please contact us to see if we can produce your material structure.

3. Are there minimal order quantities?

Unfortunately, yes because at EPOCA we don’t sell standardize products but only tailor-made, due to this every order is different. However, the quantity depends on multiple parameters such as size, thickness, complexity of the product, etc.

4. Wat about our lead times?

The lead times depend on the type of product, the material structure and printing. In general, our spouted bags have a lead time of 10 – 14 weeks. All the other production between 9 – 10 weeks.

5. Can you do just multiple deliveries?

Yes, in our headquarter in Waver, we have storage facility available to you (conform our ISO 22.000 certificate). We can stock your produced products up to 12 months. The delivery is done upon your demand by using our transportation partner or by yours. Please contact us 48 hours in advance (for transportation outside Belgium we need more time. For the Belgium market (and close to the border we can even do small urgent deliveries.

6. What kind of information do we need to give you your specific packaging solution?

If you already know what kind of product you want, it could help us if you already know the following information:

  •  Your volume
  • The product you want to pack (liquid, solid, powder, etc.). The more information we have about the content the better. Every product has his specifications.
  • Wanted shelf life of the product
  • Your production process: MAP, hot filling, pasteurization, sterilization, frozen
  • Instruction for the customer (e.g. microwave, easy-open, …)

If you don’t have all the information yet or you don’t know which solution would be suitable for your product, you can always contact our sales team and they will guide you through the process.

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