Spouted Pouches

Stand-Up pouches

Spouted Pouches

Spouted pouches are increasingly popular as the alternative for glass bottles and PET-bottles. In comparison to his alternative, they are easier to transport and suitable for retail shelves. Empty spouted pouches don’t use a lot storage space. Glass jars use around 70% more raw material so there is a lower environmental impact for the pouches.

Spouted pouches are as user-friendly as the conventual bottles. They are re-closable and can be equipped with special spouts and caps. At EPOCA we have spouts engineered for spill control, convenience and/or child safety. 

From a consumer perspective, it’s a lightweight free standing pack that is easy to carry and suitable to store any non-carbon liquids or loose bulk materials like sugar.

The size and form can be innovative as per clients need and requirement. We can also provide rails that are used on certain machines used to fill the pouches.

Some of the key benefits include


  • Easy re-closable
  • Large printing surface
  • Light-weight packaging
  • Low weight; cost efficient transport
  • Lower cost vs. Rigid containers (PET or Glass Bottles)
  •  Require fewer trucks for transportation—reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Use approximately 60 percent less plastic than rigid plastic bottles.
  • 70% less raw material needed than glass bottles


  • Zipper
  • Valve for coffee
  • Transparent window
  • Glossy, matte or paper like finish
  • Easy open
  • Euro or round hole

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