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Flat bottom pouches

Flat bottom pouches are pouches with the completely flat bottom. They are also known as box pouches. These kinds of pouches are the plastic alternative for folded cartons or corrugated boxes. Unlike a folded carton, flexible bags have smaller footprint and keep product fresh longer. The plastic itself can be equipped with a barrier against e.g. odor, oxygen and/or vapor – no inner bag needed. Due to the flat bottom, these pouches can hold more weight in compare to the bottom gusset pouches.

Our flat bottom flexible box bags use up to 15% less film than a standard stand up pouch, but can hold more volume. Like carton boxes the flat bottom pouch has 5 sides that can be used for your artwork or texts (up to 10 colors).

The size can be customized as per clients need and requirement.

Some to the key benefits include

  • Real alternative for carton boxes or corrugated boxes
  • When empty it takes up little space compared to other non-flexible plastic packaging
  • Low weight; cost efficient transport
  • Good for heavy products
  • Can be equipped with a high barrier
  • Less waste to dispose – no inner layer
  • Lower cost vs. Rigid containers


  • Zipper
  • Valve for coffee
  • Transparent window
  • Glossy, matte or paper like finishes
  • Easy open

Our productions capabilities of Flat Bottom Pouches: 

  • *Minimum Width: 130mm  
  • *Maximum Width: 300mm
  • *Minimum Height: 220mm
  • *Maximum Height: 480mm
  • *Minimum Closed Gusset: 35mm
  • *Maximum Closed Gusset: 55mm
  • *Possibility to apply a front zipper to our bags.
  • *Possibility to produce bags with kraft paper.

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