Side Gusset Pouches

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Side Gusset Pouches

Side Gusset Pouches are well known as the standard pouches for coffee and tea. These pouches can stand in a firm position on a rack in a supermarket or in your client’s kitchen because the bottom becomes heavy and therefore the center of gravity is very stable. They have gussets on both sides and they have a vertical sealing from the top-side to the bottom-side.

These types of pouches are progressively preferred as packaging for food, snack and other industries. These gusset pouches can be used to display vertically. They are also easy to carry and take home.

The size and form can be customized as per clients need and requirement.

Some to the key benefits include

  • Light weight solution
  • When empty it takes up little space compared to other non-flexible
  • plastic packaging
  • Can be equipped with a high barrier
  • Lower cost vs. Rigid containers
  • High filling speed
  • Efficiency and flexibility
  • Ideal for MAP-packaging
  • Large printing surface


  • Zipper
  • Valve for coffee
  • Transparent window
  • Glossy, matte or paper like finishes
  • Easy open
  • Euro or round hole

Our productions capabilities of Side Gusset Pouches: 

  • *Minimum Width: 80mm  
  • *Maximum Width: 500mm
  • *Minimum Height: 130mm
  • *Maximum Height: 800mm
  • *Minimum Closed Gusset: 25mm
  • *Maximum Closed Gusset: 130mm

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